Estate Planning For Florida Families

Estate planning is not just about protecting your assets. It is about protecting your family and protecting yourself. It is never too early to put these safeguards into place.

At Active Life Law Firm, we create strong and customized estate plans for individuals and families in Jacksonville and throughout Florida. With extensive experience on our side, we know the importance of personalization. We start the process of planning your estate by asking you questions and listening closely. What are your important assets? How do you want them to pass on to your beneficiaries? Only when we have learned about your goals can we move forward to create an estate plan that makes sense for you.

What Does An Estate Plan Include?

For many people, estate planning simply means creating a Will. A Will can outline all assets and dictate which beneficiaries get which assets. A carefully written Will can accomplish much, if not all, of the work that needs to be done in an estate plan.

Durable Powers of Attorney are estate planning components that should not be overlooked. Whereas the Will and Trust can dictate what happens to your assets after you pass away, the Power of Attorney can protect you in the event of a medical emergency that leaves you incapacitated. There are Powers of Attorney to address health care and financial issues.

Occasionally, Trusts are included in estate plans. These estate planning tools offer more flexibility than a Will alone, so they may be beneficial in unusual situations.

We will only recommend the estate planning tools that are necessary based on your situation and your goals. If you only need a will, that is what we will recommend. If you could benefit from a more robust estate planning package, we will explain why.

We also believe that estate plans are living, breathing documents. They must be revisited and revised anytime you encounter a major life event, such as birth, death, marriage or divorce. We are available to make modifications to estate plans that have already been created.

Schedule A Free Estate Planning Consultation

Whether you just got married, had children, have never been married, got a divorce, encountered any other major life event or simply want to start planning today, we encourage you to talk to a lawyer about protecting your assets.

Guiding You Through Your Divorce

Guiding You Through Your Divorce

At Active Life Law Firm, we bring extensive experience to divorce cases in Jacksonville and throughout Florida. We will use our experience to usher you safely through the twists and turns of the divorce process, protecting your rights and laying the groundwork for a comfortable future. You can begin the process with a free 15-minute consultation.

We handle all aspects of divorce, including:

  • Property division
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Alimony

How Will Your Divorce Be Resolved?

We are well-known for our negotiation skills. We know family law, we know what you are entitled to and we are firm but fair when it comes to pursuing a positive outcome.

When we negotiate with your spouse and his or her lawyer, you can count on us to be calm, clear and matter-of-fact. We will not back down. We will not be pushed around. We will not sacrifice your well-being in order to move your case forward faster. If our offer is refused, we are prepared to take your divorce case to trial if need be.

We are also dedicated to pursuing positive resolutions through the mediation process whenever appropriate. Ultimately, this may save time, money and stress.

A Small Law Firm On Your Side

We are a small law firm, and that is a strength. You will be represented by an experienced attorney and paralegal. You will not have to worry about your case being shuffled off to a new trainee. Personal attention is a hallmark of our firm, as is our commitment to delivering value.

Our size means we have low overhead. We do not have to inflate our prices to cover costs. Rest assured, you are not going to be billed for stuffing papers into envelopes and mailing them out, but only for legitimate work being done to move your case forward successfully.

Protecting The Parent-Child Relationship

It can be tough for someone without a child to understand exactly what it means to be a parent. The ups and the downs. The joys and the challenges. And it can be even tougher for a non-parent to understand what it feels like to have the relationship between you and your child threatened. At Active Life Law Firm, we understand. We are parents too. Whether you are going through a divorce or dealing with a child custody or parenting time issue related to a paternity action, you can be confident that we will put all of our experience to work making certain your relationship with your child is not damaged during this process.

How Child Custody Works

Family law┬áin Florida requires that decisions about child custody and visitation rights be dictated by the child’s needs. What is in the child’s best interest? That is the driving question. Of course, there are often disagreements about the answer to that question, which is why it is important to have a lawyer on your side who is committed to helping you.

Child custody comes in many forms. More often than not, courts favour joint custody. This is a form of custody that allows both parents to be involved in the child’s upbringing. We will help you determine the variation of custody that makes the most sense for your family, and we will pursue negotiation or trial to obtain the proper arrangements.

Modification Of Child Custody Arrangements

Child custody orders can be changed at any time, provided there is a major change of circumstances. Examples of changes in circumstances include remarriage, a new work schedule or a move out of the Jacksonville area and into another part of Florida or out of state. We can counsel you about your options, whether you are moving away or trying to prevent your child from being taken out of state.