Protecting Your Rights In Family Law And More

At Zubac Legal, PLC, we recognize that legal matters often present serious threats to your future. One misstep or a failure to properly respond to an aggressive move from the opposing side could impact you for the rest of your life. There is simply no room for mistakes.

Representation In LGBTQ+  Family Law Matters

We have extensive experience handling family law cases and issues for clients in Lansing and throughout Michigan, including matters involving the LGBTQ+  community. Our office is located in Ingham County, but we handle cases throughout mid-Michigan, including Eaton County, Livingston County, Gratiot County, Clinton County, Shiawassee County and Jackson County, as well as Ingham County. We have a thriving practice in which we represent those that need our assistance and expertise.

When you come to our law firm, you will not only have a lawyer on your side, you will have a sentry. Not only do we have the knowledge to effectively move your case through the legal system while avoiding mistakes, we are protective. We will not let you be attacked, manipulated or taken advantage of in any way. Not on our watch.

Flexible Meetings And Availability

Our goal is to give personalized service to each client and accommodate individual needs. We aim to combine principles of excellent customer service with legal experience to ensure our clients' needs are met.

We take a hands-on approach to every case. We will keep you involved, and you will find that you have no trouble keeping in touch with us. In fact, we recognize that your schedule may not allow for meetings and telephone calls within the typical 9-to-5 time frame. We are willing to make ourselves available during evenings and weekends.

You have a life. You work. You have a family. You need some flexibility, and we provide it. We will schedule meetings for times that work for you, whether that means in-office meetings, out-of-office meetings, telephone or Skype meetings.

Discuss Your Case With Us For Free

Whether you are going through a divorce, child custody, child support issue or face any other legal challenge, we can protect you. Call 517-803-2459 or email to schedule a free consultation.