Estate Planning

Estate planning is not just about protecting your assets. It is about protecting your family and protecting yourself. It is never too early to put these safeguards into place.

At Zubac Legal, we create strong and customized estate plans for individuals and families in Lansing and throughout Michigan. With extensive experience on our side, we know the importance of personalization. We start the process of planning your estate by asking you questions and listening closely. What are your important assets? How do you want them to pass on to your beneficiaries? Only when we have learned about your goals can we move forward to create an estate plan that makes sense for you.

What Does An Estate Plan Include?

For many people, estate planning simply means creating a will. A will can outline all assets and dictate which beneficiaries get which assets. A carefully written will can accomplish much, if not all, of the work that needs to be done in an estate plan.

Durable powers of attorney are estate planning components that should not be overlooked. Whereas the will and trust can dictate what happens to your assets after you pass away, the power of attorney can protect you in the event of a medical emergency that leaves you incapacitated. There are powers of attorney to address health care and financial issues.

Occasionally, trusts are included in estate plans. These estate planning tools offer more flexibility than a will alone, so they may be beneficial in unusual situations.

We will only recommend the estate planning tools that are necessary based on your situation and your goals. If you only need a will, that is what we will recommend. If you could benefit from a more robust estate planning package, we will explain why.

We also believe that estate plans are living, breathing documents. They must be revisited and revised anytime you encounter a major life event, such as birth, death, marriage or divorce. We are available to make modifications to estate plans that have already been created.

Schedule A Free Estate Planning Consultation

Whether you just got married, had children, got a divorce, encountered any other major life event or simply want to start planning today, we encourage you to talk to a lawyer about protecting your assets. Call 517-803-2459 or email to schedule a free 15-minute consultation.