Frequently Asked Questions About Child Custody

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What Is The Difference Between Legal And Physical Custody?

Legal custody gives a parent the right to make medical and education-related decisions regarding the children. The person who has physical custody has the child living with him or her primarily. Joint physical custody shares custody between the parents, with a schedule for each individual's parenting time.

How Does Custody Affect Child Support?

Typically, the parent who has the least amount of overnight visits with the child per year owes child support to the other parent. Factors used in the formula to calculate the amount of child support include:

  • Parents' incomes
  • Child care expenses
  • Cost of the child's health insurance

I Don't Like My Ex's Style Of Parenting. What Can I Do About It?

It depends on what the issue involves. Our lawyer can help you think big picture, and understand what kind of battles make the most sense to fight. For example, we have many parents talk to us about the other parent making choices they don't agree with such as the way they discipline or what they serve the child to eat. But, in those kinds of minor situations, the court is not likely to issue an order if the other parent is not physically or emotionally harming the child.

We can help you understand your legal options. At Zubac Legal, PLC, we are always looking out for your best interest above all, not our pocketbook.

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