Division Of Assets Under Michigan Law

As you begin the process of divorce, it's likely you have many questions about what the future will hold for you. Many people wonder about their home, cars and other assets.

Zubac Legal, PLC, is a law firm in Lansing, Michigan, with an experienced attorney who can help you understand and protect your rights in property division.

What If My Name Isn't On The House?

If you attained the property, such as a house, during the duration of the marriage, then generally, regardless of whose name is on the title, you are entitled to a portion of the equity.

Should I Move Out Of The Shared Home?

Every decision is personal. If you choose to leave it and also stop paying for it, it may affect the outcome of your case. We always want to help our clients understand the cause and effect of their actions.

How Long Does The Divorce Process Take?

A divorce without children requires a 60-day waiting period under Michigan law. A divorce with children requires a six-month waiting period. After that, whether your divorce is contested or uncontested will determine how long the process could take.

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