Guiding You Through Your Divorce

At Zubac Legal, we bring extensive experience to divorce cases in Lansing and throughout Michigan. We will use our experience to usher you safely through the twists and turns of the divorce process, protecting your rights and laying the groundwork for a comfortable future. You can begin the process with a free 15-minute consultation.<

We handle all aspects of divorce, including:

How Will Your Divorce Be Resolved?

We are well-known for our negotiation skills. We know family law, we know what you are entitled to and we are firm but fair when it comes to pursuing a positive outcome.

When we negotiate with your spouse and his or her lawyer, you can count on us to be calm, clear and matter-of-fact. We will not back down. We will not be pushed around. We will not sacrifice your well-being in order to move your case forward faster. If our offer is refused, we are prepared to take your divorce case to trial if need be.

We are also dedicated to pursuing positive resolutions through the mediation process whenever appropriate. Ultimately, this may save time, money and stress.

A Small Law Firm On Your Side

We are a small law firm, and that is a strength. You will be represented by an experienced attorney and paralegal. You will not have to worry about your case being shuffled off to a new trainee. Personal attention is a hallmark of our firm, as is our commitment to delivering value.

Our size means we have low overhead. We do not have to inflate our prices to cover costs. Rest assured, you are not going to be billed for stuffing papers into envelopes and mailing them out, but only for legitimate work being done to move your case forward successfully.

Schedule A Free Divorce Consultation

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